Muster More Movement…

When you start hearing from the Career Coaches, Recruiters and expert Interview Consultants out there that you can be ‘doing everything right, following all of the correct advice, and STILL not expect to get any calls’ on your job search process…the challenge then speaks for itself.

The tagline to this blog in part is, ‘Musings on Media Sales from the “Sell” side’…which, as it turns out, is exactly the group of folks who are having a particularly hard time if they are ‘in transition’ right now, especially here on the West Coast.

MindOnMedia[Sales] is hearing of these difficulties anecdotally from friends/former colleagues, Recruiters in the space, and am even experiencing it first-hand myself. It is difficult to talk about Industry direction, future Sales growth potential on the Web, etc., when many are struggling [even as Professional Salespeople] to have their own Career ‘Pipeline’ of job leads, prospective employers, and pending Offers.

While many of us have never worried about generating Leads, filling a Funnel, and/or converting our work to Revenue, that is not necessarily applying to the job market in 2009. Again, I am hearing from Career advisors that they are seeing people taking their direction, doing everything right that they can possibly do…and still showing no results.

There are no clear answers at this point; if there were, MindOnMedia[Sales] would not also be ‘in transition’ as are so many others. So…what to do? The obvious choices are:
->Continue doing what you think ‘the right things’ are.
->Make sure you are as ‘Interview Ready’ as possible, for when the big date/time appears.
->Everybody talks about it: Gotta put full use to LinkedIn, Facebook, and the rest of your Social Media “network.”

Some less obvious choices:
->Ask for serious feedback from others, that might see talents in you that you don’t realize. [See the great Keith Ferrazzi’s ‘Who’s Got Your Back?’ recent release for more on this.] Also, great deals you won, clients you worked with & may have forgotten about, etc. Anything to give you an edge.
->If you come across a company out there that catches your eye…for whatever reason…look up the ‘Careers’ section of their website. Most companies now have these, as they start to shy away from the huge Job boards.
->Probably most important, think about the “Non-Linear”, or unexpected ways that you can approach your Job search, and how that can grab you the attention needed in a large pool of applicants. We all need a break right now; are you going to try & create your own? I am.
->Put a mirror up, and try to evaluate if there are other strenths/talents you might have…and what field they might be useful in.
->Start thinking about what else you can do…and how you are going to ‘talk your way in’. Moving into a new field may ironically be harder now than ever, as they already are likely to have plenty of people to look at, already in that field. This in effect boxes you in, yet those of us in Sales are often in this spot, on some level.
->And, maybe the hardest of all…treat your own Job search like a Sales call. You need to separate yourself from the [very real] problems we all have while in between positions. Focus on the ‘Client’ [i.e. the recruiter/hiring firm] and focus on THEIR needs…just like you do [or should be doing] on every other sales call. Sounds so easy, right? Of course, it’s not. Just knowing that you may not in fact have your own “robust Pipeline” is enough to make one nauseous. But if you don’t pursue this, you are guaranteed to either stay unemployed, or settle for way under where you were, doing something terrible. [Think Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross here.]

Inaction is not likely to help any of us solve this dilemma for ourselves. So, movement, or action, on multiple levels, in multiple ways, is how I am proceeding. How about you?


~ by MindOnMediaSales on September 9, 2009.

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