Spy vs Spy…or SalesGuy

[…or SalesGal, to be fair!]

Although I have not seen it recently, as a kid growing up I was a huge fan of the ‘Spy vs. Spy’ comic-strip series that ran in Mad magazine [and may still be running after all of these years?] What still strikes me about it after so long–and how it relates to the Sales process–was the ‘Next Step/Thinking Ahead/Other Agenda’ element to the series.

As spies, they were not only engaged in a direct, tactical, epic One-on-One Battle…they were also positioning themselves [or trying to, with comical results] against other elements behind the scenes.

The analogy then is pretty clear, as are the questions:
1] Are you thinking about the overall buying process of whom you are meeting with, or just trying to “close” solely them?
2] Have you thought about who else your Agency/Client contact has to make a case to, get approvals from, or involve in your proposal?
3] Do you know whom else they are buying from, that is similar to you?
4] Do you know what would be attractive to this Agency/Client, if only you could offer it? Is your competitor?
5] A famous Agency maxim says, ‘The day you start losing an Account, is the first day you acquire it.’ While a bit cynical of a view, the lesson contained is clear. Are you [at least occasionally], thinking about what you can do to help avoid that process?

How to address these items? Here are just a few suggestions:
1] Do you know how dangerous it is, if you only ‘have a great relationship’ with a single person at your Agency/Client? Have you thought about what to do if they leave?
2] What is your backup plan, or ‘thread’ to help you transition with this account over time?
3] Try to be objective, draw a blank slate…and put yourself in your buyers’ shoes. Like what you see?
4] Evaluate your Sales process from every angle. Then do so again. And then again…with each Client/account.

More ‘Spy vs Spy’ in future Post’s!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on August 24, 2009.

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