The Ultimate SELLING Machine…

When I am at my very best in Selling, the thing I always strive for is that balance between knowing what my current Clients need [& providing it], working on developing New clients…and adding to my Revenue base, in a kind of moving, organic fashion. I am working on all of it in different parts at the same time, and yet, it all…”happens”: oftentimes indirectly, all leading to more deals, more clients and longer-term Client relationships.

It is the level of effort overall, that guides this process. As I’ve referred to several times, the ‘Invisible Hand’ knows if you are making the effort or not, and this in turn affects your success on every other front.

In any single Sales position, this ‘organic’ Sales process will not happen overnight, of course; you will have had to establish yourself not only with company’s current clients, but also be visible & well-known enough in the universe of potential prospects, to be engaging them in a meaningful Sales dialogue. With so much going on, you will also need to take care that you are not getting in your own way, and slowing your own sales down. [This happens much more than is realized, so keep evaluating what you do, how you do it.]

More, if you show genuine interest in your clients, and try to help them achieve what they think you are there to help them with, this is something that can be seen. Yes, a Bernie Madoff-type can fake this, but you don’t want to, as it will make you too much money done the right way.

Last, I have found that I done my BEST sales work when I have set things in such a way, that I don’t even really “ask” for the order, or “close” my client. It is implied, and oftentimes they will end up asking to wrap up the deal. Why? The age-old adage very much applies here: Customers would rather BUY, than be ‘sold.’ Going back to the item above; get out of the way & let them buy!

There are many other ways each of us can become an Ultimate SELLING Machine. I’d love to hear from others how they have arrived here, so please share.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on August 11, 2009.

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  1. Thnx for posting a good article.

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