A Webisode Sales Wonder…

There is no question that the worlds of Interactive, TV, Video, Syndication, Distribution, Movies [Long-form] & Shorts [i.e. Webisodes] are all converging, or trying to converge, into a New Model on the web. For those on the Sales side, the question becomes: Where do we fit in, build value [& Revenue], and supplement our career success?

To start with, all of these Sites/Platforms are looking for revenue, to justify their existence:
~YouTube [Tons of traffic, yes, but questionable ROI for Google]
~DECA + ~Many, many others

Webisodes, in particular, may offer great opportunity going forward, as there are many small Content producers out there right now. Some are looking for License deals, Distribution deals, Syndication avenues…or just developing their own Web Channel and building an audience. Any or all of these may need Sales expertise!

Too, there is a symbiotic relationship here, between what Agency’s/Clients will pay for [in terms of Ad exposure], what audiences on the Web want/expect, and what we can sell, going into all of that.

Nevertheless, whether you are on the Broadcast side trying to break into the Web, or a Web sales specialist looking at these emerging “TV” models, both are going to have to learn not only the others’ Metrics going forward, but also a bit about their Sales methods on the other side.

As a beginning point, on the Web side, that includes:
~Google Analytics
~Neilsen @Plan + AdRelevance

On the [Web] Broadcast side:
~BBE [Broadband Enterprises]

And for both, some of the Metrics will include:
~Brand “Lift”
~Quartiles & Other “View” Metrics
~Viral Audience Actions

This is again, just a starting point. Being conversant on these builds the starting point of credibility with your Agency/Client prospects. In Part II of this post, I’ll look at ways that Webisode revenues can ideally be found, and built into your RFPs, or, if you are a Publisher, how you might want to position the offering for your Sales team to leverage.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on July 27, 2009.

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