Ad Budget Dollars are Shifting…Where?

Very interesting interview from Forbes yesterday, with Anthea Stratigos of Outsell. Read it > here.

In the course of the interview, Ms Stratigos talks about how there is another “shift” in Ad dollars going on besides the one we’ve read so much about; i.e. from Newspapers/Radio/TV, to the Web. This shift instead is from external Media properties [including the Web], to internal asset development like Content generation, Analytics, and Social Media efforts. This not only adds to the woes of Sales teams on the TradMedia side, but challenges those on the Digital side as well.

I guess you could also say this would be an ‘unintended’ consequence of the Viral and “social” aspects of Social Media. Where it leads? That is the real question, yet to be answered.

As an aside, she also quotes Steve Ballmer/CEO of Microsoft at this year’s Cannes festival on the subject. He says that there is a ‘Reset’ going on as a result of all of this. In great deference to Mr Ballmer, MoM[S] would like to humbly note that he also made such a point, in a 4/22 Twitter post, as from below. [Call this ‘luck’ on my part? No other association to Mr Ballmer is suggested or implied here.]

From MoM[S] on Twitter:

Like in 1999 with the Web 1.0 Meltdown, the Web is largely in same place again, in 2008. Forget Web 2.0; Call it ‘Reset 2.0’…!
8:15 AM Apr 22nd from web


~ by MindOnMediaSales on July 22, 2009.

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