A Sales ‘Circle of Life’ Analogy

This Post is dedicated to CelestB, truly the best Media[Buy-side] person I have ever met. It is from a conversation with her a while back on an unrelated item that I was inspired to write this, sometime before I had even conceived of writing a Blog.

The ‘Circle of Life’ is that process that all living things go through, of Birth/Life/Happiness/ Struggle/Death [and oh yeah, Taxes]. As it goes, this also applies very much to the Media companies we work at, or have worked for in our past: AOL, Autobytel, Knight-Ridder, MySpace[?], Tacoda, Tribune, VideoEgg and many others. It is pretty fair to say that these are companies that are already at, or are close to, the end of their lives as we know them; the ‘circle’ is pretty much complete with them.

This volatility extends into the Agency side where Celest comes from, and beyond at this point.

What about with you? Where are YOU in your Sales career? How do you see yourself vs. the companies you have worked for in your own ‘Circle’? I personally have survived a Magazine company [sold & dismantled], a regional Newspaper firm [sold & dismantled], a national Rep firm [on its way out soon], an Autos website [now laying off hundreds, partly due to abysmal leadership] and two Social Media start-ups [one of which was sold & merged.]

I view each of those as a mini-‘Circle of Life’, each contained within pockets of my Sales career. While I am currently in the midst of creating the NEXT ‘circle’ in my own Sales career [as many of you are, or are likely to be shortly], I view each of these Media firms as feeding my Sales ‘life’ prior to theirs expiring, in the course of my career…my own personal Sales ‘Circle of Life.’ We all need to think along these lines, or something close to it, to keep growing, learning, living. Those that don’t are at the end of their Sales ‘life.’

Are you or your Sales team not sure how to create your next ‘Circle of Sales Life’ at this point in time? Get some outside perspective.

Thanks, Celest!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on July 19, 2009.

One Response to “A Sales ‘Circle of Life’ Analogy”

  1. Having been through many of these… Sometimes it is difficult to truly understand where in the circle you are, especially when you are on the inside. Developing a great support system with dynamically interesting people from many differing viewpoints puts you in a position to honestly evaluate where in the circle you are.

    It is so easy to be in the death throes and be completely oblivious to the end being near when your influence and input comes from those who are paid to tell you things are fine.

    And thank you Ken for always being there when I needed someone to give me outside perspective!

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