The Audience Grab: Panels vs. Samples…

In the article this week on MediaVox [click > here to read], Nielsen NetRatings talks about their new, expanded, Audience Measurement Panel, it is clear that the success of Quantcast in the marketplace, is having an effect.

It is also clear that Nielsen’s days of a stranglehold on the ‘Ratings Game’, something they’ve long enjoyed in Broadcast, has not & is not, yet translating to the Web. It is not likely ever to. This has major implications for their business model, and this expansion can be seen as a token realization that other methods besides Panel analysis may also work, and may even be better.

Here are a few other observations:
> Just due to the Interactivity factors alone, a concrete Audit method for certifying specific audience numbers on the Web has not yet arrived [or been agreed to, just as important.]
> On the Sales side, we don’t need to know the technical details on every facet of Panels, Samples, or Census-based analytics, but if we want to be credible, informed “partners” that work with, and consult to, our Agency/Client accounts…we need to understand on an overview basis, what the issues and differences are.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on July 14, 2009.

One Response to “The Audience Grab: Panels vs. Samples…”

  1. Interesting to see, from our comments above on Nielsen, that Wired is making a call on them here. The ‘Ratings’ game has moved on, on to another level…

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