Be A Phoenix

Many diverse issues arise as I write this post, based on an article I saw today. The article referenced here, comes from the great Harvey Mackay, whose timeless work always seems to be both ‘of the ages’ in terms of vision, and ‘of the moment’ in terms of its relevance.

See the article, > “Fired? Downsized? Laid off? Rise like a phoenix”.

The fact that his work with this title appears in both a Trad media venue, the AZ Republic [a newspaper that I used to indirectly work for], and their Online site,, is notable, with the current raging debate & angst over the state of affairs, and business models of, Newspapers. This speaks to the editorial/journalistic power & presence of Traditional media operations…even as their revenue/profit is in many ways drained away by emerging New Media firms. Will the print versions of newspaper ever ‘rise like a phoenix’?

As discussed with a former colleague of mine on the Sales side this week, if you are Downsized/Fired/ Laid Off, etc., you will need to re-invent yourself, persevere, and ideally rise like the phoenix that Mr Mackay describes.

For practicality’s sake, there is actually more to it than that. In selecting future “Opportunity’s”, it will no longer be enough for you to place your bet essentially on whether you can sell that company’s media/ad audience/app, you will ALSO have to bet on: how long that ad audience will be a viable one, whether the company’s entire Value Proposition/Revenue Model/Growth Strategy are viable, and whether you think they will be an acquisition target anytime soon, or be supplanted by the next Facebook, etc.

Not easy making judgement calls like that. Might as well bet the stock market. Yet, that will be the task at hand. For those that do rise to the occasion, that will be, or already is, a part of the 2009 New Media landscape.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on July 1, 2009.

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