Great Wall of Facebook vs. Google…?

The current ‘acknowledgement’ issues of Wired editor Chris Anderson aside, the article in the recent Wired edition, “Great Wall of Facebook…”, by Fred Vogelstein, is a stunning one. Besides being excellent in any number of ways, it also has direct implications going forward, for those of us in Media Sales, and those implications include both the companies we work with or for, and our own Sales careers.

See the Wired > article here.

The article suggests, as I read it, a ‘Dichotomy of Dual Web Propositions’, or kind of 2 different pathways that the Web may evolve into very soon from now…which by the way, still leaves the rest of the Web to either re-align or evolve into itself as well.

So how does this article affect those of us on the Media Sales side, and what are the implications? One obvious one, will be what I’ll call for lack of a better term, the “Sales Brain Split.” From right now, today, we will need add’l skills, and they will need constant, ongoing updating. ‘Media Sales Pro as Sales Engineer’, if you will.

By this I mean, as an analogy, how highly trained Engineers acquire Sales skills, so shall Digital Media Sales professionals need to in the reverse, acquire more technical Digital skills to go along with their Sales skills, in order to succeed. The days of selling “audience” alone, with Imp’s, Clicks, and comScore or QuantCast figures, are going to rapidly disappear. That will only be a part of what we do. [I am talking on the Web here, of course, leaving Trad media aside for now.]

This is not to say that we will all have to get Rocket Science degrees, but we will need to be in constant upgrade. Just this article alone provides a new paradigm to ponder, one that is already emerging, and one that, although it makes great sense after I read it, is one I know I had not really seen yet.

I’ll talk more about actual Sales practices as it may relate to this in my next post.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on June 29, 2009.

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