Inner Voice vs. Inter Politics

I am no expert on the inner workings of Corporate politics in 2009 [if I ever was], but I do know that the landscape is a challenging one at this point…challenging at best, hazardous at worst.

The entire dynamic is changing in the Corporate world, and if you aren’t paying attention…you may lose, more so than in the past. [Or gain, if it allows you to find the ‘right’ position for you, depending on your perspective.] The reasons for this are in some ways liberating, self-starting, even self-actualizing. They are also in some ways nearly random, and almost terrifying if you don’t know the new rules, adjust or pay attention to them.

Living on the edge as I have, in both Digital Media sales, and more recently the world of Social Media start-ups, an inherent conflict can arise, between the timeless, standard ‘Best Practices’ of Sales [Dale Carnegie, Tom Hopkins, Neil Rackham], and what these new firms think are best suited to their new, ‘shiny object’/product/site. [Whatever those may be.] With no set path to follow, everybody has an opinion on what is best. Not always optimal.

It is absolutely mandatory that you have, or develop, your own ‘Inner Voice’, to determine your place within the company where you work, and decipher what the ‘Inter Politics’ of where you work, actually are. NO ONE will help you; you are expected to find it on your own. Think you can be at 140% of your annual goal, and have that be enough to keep your job? Not any more. The ‘Inter Politics’ of most companies are now so taut [maybe due to the economy, hard to say], that… that…ain’t…enough.

You’d think it would be, as we are hired to sell. But the pendulum has swung. Pay attention. Personally, this is an area I know that I can certainly work to better understand. The most difficult part, is that most often, the ‘Inter Politics’ are unspoken, invisible [seemingly], and can come from the most unlikely places, even without your knowing they exist. Pay attention.

While what I am writing surely applies to all other positions in American companies in 2009, since I write only about Media sales, I discuss this topic only from that angle.

Do your best: Tune your ‘Inner Voice’ to your company’s ‘Inter Politics.’ Your ongoing Sales effort, and I mean ongoing, must include those you report to, now more than ever.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on June 23, 2009.

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