No Auto-Matic in Autos

I have been fortunate to work with Autos clients across all market areas [Dealer Level, Reg’l and National], in a variety of job situations over the course of my career, including a variety of different media. Then, as now, proving yourself [and your product] to them is never easy; even less so now, with their entire Sales/Marketing model decimated, their budgets along with it.

So very often, I have seen huge amounts of confusion over exactly what the three ‘Tiers’ in Automotive are, how they differ, and how you might approach them differently or in concert with the others, when applicable. I have also seen great failure occur, when incorrectly applying the assumptions of selling into one of the Tiers then being applied to the others.

By far the most confusion, and the most difficulty, comes in the dynamics surrounding Tier II, of which I’ll discuss in more detail going forward. Being in the middle leaves it caught in a perpetual balancing act, between the other two.

As the sector evolves, we will take a closer look at how Social Media will become more of a factor [which is a certainty.]

Stay close & thanks for reading. Contact me if your or your Sales team wants to learn more on this subject.


~ by MindOnMediaSales on June 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “No Auto-Matic in Autos”

  1. […] I had started a related discussion on this, in my post, “No Auto-Matic in Autos”, dated 6/22/09. See the Link > here. […]

  2. Good article on exactly this issue, from the 6/29 edition of AutoNews. See the article, “Integrating tiers of ads can stretch a tight budget.” Read more: =27335926726005#ixzz0KGeSNkGr&C

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