Great Work in Sports & Social Media

Good people doing good work in the Social Media space. The event I attended tonight, headed up by Bryan Elliot, was from his quickly-emerging new phenom group, the SoCal Action Sports Network.

See the details here, SoCalActionSportsNetwork.

A truly exceptional roster of speakers were on hand, with a dedicated audience, all on the leading edge of Social Media. But it was all less about the hype of that, than it was about true interest in the subject, sharing what you know [as Keynote speaker Rick Calvert opined on], and joining in the excitement of looking at where this new Web environment is headed.

Being conversant on the Sales side here, will only grow in importance. Even if you don’t sell into Social Media areas directly, if you are not current with this, you lose that dialogue…a very important dialogue…with your clients. “You will only know Social Media, by using Social Media. Period.”


~ by MindOnMediaSales on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Great Work in Sports & Social Media”

  1. i agree wholeheartedly that you’ll only know social media by participating in the melee. ok, melee is my language

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