The Effect of Effort in Sales

This ties into the post on my personal version of a ‘Universal Sales Law‘ [drafted originally on 6/5/09; posted on 5/27/10], maybe just stated a bit differently. Much like Adam Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand‘ as applied to the world of Economics, I have found, time & again, that there is a categorical “Effort Effect” in Sales.

Simply put, this means that the effort put into your Sales process tends to yield positive results in their aftermath almost regardless of what that effort is. Almost. [Obviously you have to have some level of proficiency, and applying realistic sales methods for this to apply.] But the key is, the effort to begin with.

Often the results are intangible, indirect. You may work on one client, or sales strategy for days/weeks/months, and get nowhere. Seemingly. All of a sudden, someone that had turned you down, or refused an interest, appears out of nowhere, and buys. So do the person[s] which you had just been working with, to little avail. You just broke it big!

Understand, there is no rule on this, no study of this scientifically being analyzed [that I know of], yet it has very often proven true in my career. But the “Effort Effect” also means that had you not put forth the effort to succeed to begin with, by definition, NONE of the other Sales events that came around for you would have ever occurred. So in that sense, the “Effort Effect” in my mind is equivalent in some sense to the ‘Invisible Hand‘ concept, if I may reference such a visionary idea of a past era. It will work for you, or against you, just as easily. Your choice.

I have been surrounded at times by a sea of people fired, layed off, let go, etc., yet I remained. Many of them made more money [until that moment], sold more in billings…the whole deal. Yet when the time came, I was chosen to stay, as everyone…everyone…knew that I always worked to assist clients + potential clients with the sale of our product or service. Didn’t go to the movies all day, didn’t play hooky. And I have pretty much always ended up being very successful in the long run.

As with most of what I write here, this will be too “Right-Brain” for the hard-bitten in the world of Sales. Good. Let them laugh; I’ve survived most of those souls on many occasions, as I recant above. This is not written for them. It is written for you. And for me.

Good Luck & Good Selling


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