SAWP – Sunday Afternoon Wine Post!

As a lover of good Wine, I have been fortunate to taste & enjoy many, many great wines. Having held a small, minority interest in a couple of OC wine stores certainly helped along those lines.

Like many of us, though, I have also been less fortunate to have been subjected to the crazy ‘Wine hype’ of recent years, with people describing the ‘hint of melancholy Blueberry on the back palate’ to the point of nausea.

That’s great for some people. For me, the answer is simple: ‘Drink What You Like’. The more you taste, the more you will like the better wines of the world. NEVER let someone tell you that you should, or should not, like a wine. I have tasted $500 bottles that were less impressive than a $25 Merlot. Drink What You Like.
With that, our first Wine Posting! With summer here, I encourage you to be brave…and try a Rose’ this year. Rose’ has gotten a BAD rap in America, for good reasons that no longer really exist. The flip side, is that both American & French labels are making GREAT Rose’s…that virtually no one buys.

This means you get great prices [since so few people want them], for an almost-Red wine that works well in place of Whites during a hot summer. You should find some excellent Rose’s at a store near you, in the $8-$20 range. Enjoy!


~ by MindOnMediaSales on June 7, 2009.

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