‘Cleared’ for Closing…

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In honor of 8 years writing this blog, we are short & succinct today, so we may celebrate! And so we look to take a page from the great Seth Godin, in our brevity and hopefully our clarity as well.

With that, our Sales focus lately has been on simplicity, focus & essential elements to getting deals done, and making clients happy. While I label myself in some part a self-styled Deconstructionist over on LinkedIN, what it really comes down to: understanding what it takes to get deals done. Not what you think needs to be done…but what actually needs to be done.

A key part of that? Knowing where you need to place Sales effort, and when.

Much as we’ve written on the power of “No” in your approach, sometimes your best path is clearance. Clearance of all obstacles, including yourself. Including…yourself.

Very often, your very best approach to sales, is to “clear” any issues standing in the way of it closing, period. That’s it. Clear client or customer concerns, clear any technical or external issues preventing all sides moving forward, and most importantly after all that, clear yourself out of the way of delaying things as well. Pay attention to whether YOU stall things with a [bad] joke, talking too much or often, or generally alienating your client in any way. Know this, or learn it.

Of course, none of this happens, without the work that gets you there. None of it. What work,  what attitude? The calls, the meetings, the strategizing & the interest to have two mutual parties succeed together. They allow the rest, being “cleared for closing”, to happen!

Today we celebrate 8 years of MindOnMedia[Sales], now with more than 13,000 visitors, and readers in 24 countries around the world. Thank You!

No One Gives A Sh*t About Your Product — The Startup — Medium

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I only occasionally will re-blog someone else’s work, but the brilliance, simplicity & insight contained in this short Medium piece from Mitchell Harper, more than warrants it.

Ironically, the simplicity implied in his excellent piece often belies any ease of execution of that very simplicity. “Tailored messaging” from Marketing, an insistent Sales Mgr that demands you ‘follow the script’, etc., all cause their own kinds of woe here…and lost sales, as Mitchell so rightly points out.

While we at MoM[S] have said parts of this in different ways at various times along the way, we have rarely if ever said them this succinctly, or eloquently. Kudos!

via No One Gives A Sh*t About Your Product — The Startup — Medium

TV is in Transition…Are You?

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TV >< Video = Audience?

TV >< Video = Audience?

From The TV Business is Falling Apart – Business Insider, comes what many have expected for some time now out of the financial markets: a call that “the market was valuing the sector as if ad-supported TV in the US was a “structurally impaired” asset…

On the Sales side, what this means is simple: if you’ve been one of those [lucky enough] to be sitting on $600k/year packages selling TV for a decade-plus…watch out. If you never bothered to pay much attention to Digital for all of that time, thinking it a waste of your time…get ready.

I’ve written elsewhere in depth, that the transition skills + knowledge base needed going forward, grow more formidable every day [and more difficult to quickly learn.] If you don’t make the transition soon, as TV itself now clearly is, you are in jeopardy.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/bernstein-media-stocks-downgrade-2015-8#ixzz3jeoMFdVV

Six Years & A Day…

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Yesterday marked the sixth year of MoM[S], an anniversary we are proud to celebrate. But of course, we could not do any of that, without you, our readers & subscribers. So…thank you!

You can expect more of the same from MindOnMedia[Sales] in 2015 & beyond, including leading-edge thought pieces that become topics for others to write or months or years later. We never would have imagined the directions writing this blog would have taken us during the dark economic days of 2009, but are glad you stopped by, stayed with us, and commented on what we wrote.

If YOU have topics or ideas in the world of Sales, Revenues or Media that you’d like us to weigh in on at any time, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you again from MoM[S].

‘Bytes in Your Blood’ – You Can Sell, But Can You Get Hired Selling Digital?

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Live@IAB – You Can Sell, But Can You Get Hired Selling Digital?

While this ‘Live@IAB’ article is a good starter on the topic as a promotion piece in support of their DMSC exam + credential, it could delve much further into the issue of making the leap into Digital Media sales, from the TradMedia sales world.

In my mind, it is very much about moving from ‘Ink in Your Veins’…as I myself grew up with…to ‘Bytes in Your Blood’. And if you don’t recognize that, you are likely to get crushed. If you think you can just move over to ‘sell digital’, that is unlikely to work.

In short, the learning curve is not small now at all, and the people you are likely selling to out there are *far* more versed in the many aspects of Digital than you are. There are so many more aspects to Digital now than there ever were in other media vehicles, that you must be somewhat versed…or at least familiar…in nearly all of them.

So, while taking the IAB/DMSC exam is great [Disclosure: I am certified as of May 2012, and up for the renewal exam this week, the end of May 2015], you need to allow yourself to be far more immersed than that.

“Play To Win, But Enjoy the Fun”

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Truer words were never spoken, and it’s fitting they would come from none other than David Ogilvy, in his Confessions of An Advertising Man, one of the great Ad books of all time.

The full quote from David:
“But I regard the hunt for new clients as a sport. If you play it grimly, you will die of ulcers. If you play it with lighthearted gusto, you will survive your failures without losing sleep. Play to win, but enjoy the fun.”

Too often we lose sight of the actual sport, gusto & thrill of Sales. Often that is due to the worrying grind of revenue or other similar pressures [exceeding quota, tracking cold calls, etc.] We at MoM[S] can also be guilty of waivering ourselves, even in the best of times. Let us take these David Ogilvy words to heart often in 2015 & beyond.

Isn’t It Ironic? The ‘Spot’ Divergence of TV vs. Digital

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Did anyone catch it? We used the word Divergence in our title, not Convergence, the one every Trade pub on Earth is now blasting from the hills.

When I finally did see the disconnect of how ad spots are now being valued, it struck me, natch, that borrowing the now-famous song title for our title, from the long-famous woman artist who first broke big at the Bottom of the Hill club in my old neighborhood of Potrero Hill in the day…was the only one that would work.

And it is ironic to me how things work: right as RTB [and its white-hot parent, Programmatic] gain traction & validity, becoming all the rage in a gotta-have-it-now world….Broadcast in one sense has gone totally the other way, and hypes ‘Time-Shifted’ viewing, to maintain legitimacy [and billings] with big agencies and Brands when selling Ad spots.

In other words, right as billions of VC dollars are pouring into solutions to serve ads on the Web that are perfectly suited to each of us, RIGHT NOW, TV spots have in one sense shunned that, allowing networks/syndicators/affiliates to bill for ‘extended audience’ viewing, sometimes for as long as up to 3 days. This is even while TV itself is roiled in the process of how to move its own buying systems to be automated, or ‘Real Time.’

Finally, it is even more ironic…that as of now, the bigger budgets remain largely where they are.

Some are dabbling with the go-go immediacy offered in real-time, but most is still allocated as it was, updated to the ‘give it a day, or three, or maybe seven’ new way to measure viewers of Broadcast. There is nothing wrong with this, and there are levels of merit to each of these, but this exact area is one where I see little discussion. Much more from MoM[S] on this subject and its many facets, pro & con, is yet to come.

Isn’t It Ironic? It is.


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